January and Duluth, Coming Soon.

This project, named January in Duluth, has two basic goals (1) get to know Duluth in January (spending 31 days learning as much as possible about the city) and (2) getting to know January in Duluth (talking about the wooly mammoth in the room — it’s going to be nearly unspeakably cold).

This is a parachute and suitcase project, meaning I’m dropping into a community that’s (mostly) brand new to me as well as temporarily relocating (sleeping on a friend’s couch). I’ll be arriving in Duluth on the night of 1/1/12 with some clothing, my computer, a microphone, a camera, and my personal recipe for gumption (I am in love with narrative, people, and stories). From there, I’m going to do my best to immerse myself. I’m not hoping to make any money from this project through sponsorships or other means, and I’m very happy keeping it that way.

Clearly, Duluth is much larger than 31 days or a single person’s ability to capture it. My goals, while simple, may not sound particularly modest. That being said, I’ll rely on the kindness/expertise/perspectives of strangers in every step of the process — conversations in physical, digital and any other kind of space will feed and sustain everything I do. I’m coming into this as an outsider, and I imagine I won’t get too far inside unless I get an invitation or two. This is not an ethnographic study — at the end of the day, all I’m looking to do is find and tell a story or two that connect with folks in Duluth.

On this blog, you will find writing, audio, photos, video, drawings, graphics, and whatever else tumbles out of the process. And as I mentioned above, I’d love to work with folks on guest posts of any kind. From personal experience, I know that sometimes the right prompt can spark meaningful responses that would have otherwise remained unspoken.

Blogging about blogging is probably a little more tedious than dancing about architecture, so that’s all for now. There will be much more about who I am and why I’m doing this project weaved throughout the coming days and the month of January. And much more importantly, there will be stories and experiences and media!

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2 Responses to January and Duluth, Coming Soon.

  1. Ed says:

    I grew up in Duluth and left that place at the tender age of 19. The one thing I would do, if I were you, would try to find some way to get to the top of Big Chester, a century’s old ski jump perched up and overlooking everything there. Sadly, the city fathers deemed it necessary to remove the bottom part of the jump so as to deter thrill-seekers and vista-lovers alike from trying to range up to it’s summit for fear of accidents. Get a real tall ladder or maybe some sound rappling gear in order to get onto the top of BC. Being up there on top, well….that’s pretty much as good a defining experience of Duluth as there can be.

    • Adam Carr says:

      it’s funny — earlier this evening, i went on a walk along chester park creek and up into the chester bowl. with a friend who grew up skiing the hill and actually doing the jump in high school, i spent about 10 minutes looking at and thinking about that very jump. i am not much of a climber, but i’d been thinking about what it would take to get up there. with this little bit of kismet, i’m definitely going to try to figure something out. thanks!

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