January? Duluth? Me? (Part 2: An Accidental Existential Detour)

Two very different propositions:

Theory JiDPractice JiD

I’m not worried about Duluth being an ill fit for a project like January in Duluth. In fact, that’s an area where I’m feeling most confident — as I poke my way through Barton Sutter’s Cold Comfort, I feel more reassured with every thoughtful and simple insight. My most niggling concern is about this project being a good idea anywhere. Not the theory, but the practice part.Reality
So, a few weeks ago, I called Ann Alquist, a friend and colleague who works in media, to discuss January in Duluth. Eventually, I asked her if she could help soothe these mild worries. Immediately, she had an idea she felt would help, so I recorded the remainder of our conversation and made a short audio piece from the results — in a little less than two and a half minutes, it touches on expectation, percentages, and the inevitability of death:

(Small note: I’m currently a little ill, fighting to keep my voice, so I’m much, much raspier than normal in this piece.)

This conversation also led to a reasonably straightforward infographic:

Zero Point Two Percent, Death

Alright. Enough indulgence in existential anxiety. Regardless of worry, I’m actually in Duluth already (!) and will be posting about what’s been going on since arriving (hint: plenty), so check back in the coming days for news on my first eager steps into the Zenith City of the Unsalted Sea.

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