Whispering and Rasping Into Duluth. (Day One, Part One)

Like the two days previous, when I woke up on my first morning in Duluth and the second morning of 2012, my voice was just a whisper, and if I pushed it, a croaky rasp.

Fortunately, my first day’s plan wasn’t built around verbal communication — I’d posted on the wonderful Perfect Duluth Day, asking that community to share a personal, perhaps secret piece of Duluth minutia. PDD folks seem good at that kind of thing — the response was diverse and interesting and seemed like it might be a good roadmap for stepping into the city.

The first two items to check off the list, mainly due to their proximity to where I’m living, were the following:
-View St. Mary’s Hospital skywalk facing west down 2nd Street, benches (from ironic1)
-Duluth Clinic Center for Personal Fitness treadmills (from vicarious)
I had fun tracking both of those down — it was a great way to get some unique interior views of the city and take a few baby steps into interacting with Duluthians.

In a classic case of scope creep, rather than post some pictures with a little narrative or an audio piece as I’d originally planned, I chose to do all of the above. So, here’s a short, two minute audio slideshow of my experience hunting down those views (sorry — voice is still hoarse):

Hospitals can sometimes be solemn and isolating places, so I was quite impressed at both the city and natural scenery accessible throughout the complex. I’m not sure if I captured it fully, but some of the scenery was dazzling.

In the next post, check out my trek up to Enger Tower, as well as an aside about cussing and the cold.

(Just an aside — I didn’t realize it until yesterday when I saw a fella wearing an old Phoenix Suns Starter Jacket at the grocery store, but the winter jacket I’m wearing in the video with the purple and orange panels looks a lot less Dapper Dan than I thought and a lot more Thunder Dan.)

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One Response to Whispering and Rasping Into Duluth. (Day One, Part One)

  1. Ryan says:

    Just wanted to say that I’m looking forward to following your progress/adventure. Had seen the original posts on PDD and am intrigued. I work downtown at a youth center and I’m only a couple blocks from where you were, so it’s kind of fun to see how someone else sees it and reacts to it all.

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