Duluth By You Too?

I posted some nice drawings of Duluth yesterday supplied by a few volunteer artists. With a mostly arbitrary collection process, the results were a lot better than I could have expected.

And I’d like to keep that process going. In fact, I’d love for you (yes you) to keep it going.

So, if you’re at all artistically inclined, or even if you’re not, I’d love to see how you might “draw Duluth” from your personal perspective. Any scene/interpretation/impression you want to sketch, no matter how literal or abstract, no matter how professional or amateur, I’d love to see it. And then post it.

The only thing I’d ask — be more hare than tortoise on this, i.e., don’t spend more than 5 minutes on it.

Draw, then photograph or scan and send it on over — might be a good lazy weekend activity: <januaryinduluth@gmail.com>

And, so that you’re not intimidated by any lofty expectation of quality (technique, concept, or otherwise) here’s a little sketch I commissioned from a friend.

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