Everybody knows you always go full moon.

The first full moon of the year snuck up, peaking out over the lake like it checked into a motel this morning around Grand Maraias and paused for a big warm yawn over Lake Superior as it woke up for the night. Everything I was doing shut down and demanded I do my best to take a few photographs — I’ve never seen a moonrise before. The tiny picture to the left is the best I could do, its tininess masking my inadequacy at capturing just how subtle that light was.

The above picture is from later on in the night as I wandered into Canal Park. I know it’s not a moon shot, but I’m sure its light is on display. However:

I love the way the light reflects on the water. The next and final two shots were a total accident — one too many clicks and my camera was in some setting that produces oddly surreal and stark night scenes:

She was a good model:

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