Forest Hill Cemetery by Heidi, (Part Four — Luigino F. Paulucci).

A pillar of Duluth’s lore — the city was once swarming with tycoons, boasting the world’s most millionaires per capita at the end of the 19th century. A huge number of those men are Vermillionaires now (Vermillion Road is the eastern border of Forest Hill), so the cemetery’s grounds are teeming with specters of those early eras.

Now, fast forward a century.

He was Italian, they were not. They did lumber, mining, banking, railroads — he did freezer food. On paper, Jeno Paulucci is an unlikely candidate to follow in the footsteps of the original Duluth-strialists, but he’s recently been laid to rest at Forest Hill amongst the titans. His art deco tomb is by far the newest and brightest in its section, and he seems to be right where he belongs. Heidi shares a little on Jeno:

Who knows if Heidi’s right — in my short time here, I feel like I may have already met a few folks with strong opinions who love to share them with the world. But maybe contemporary midwestern humble means Paulucci will be the last Duluth magnate. Or maybe radical success will look completely different in the light of present day.

His mother and father are with him.

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