Forest Hill Cemetery by Heidi, (Part Two — Cemetery Settlers).

I’ve been struggling with exactly how to post all the various things I’ve put together, and I think the best way to do it is a series of shorter posts. So, here we go:

Forest Hill Cemetery is in Hunter’s Park, the neighborhood where Heidi currently lives, which was originally developed by a band of hearty and adventurous Scots:

At the joint MacFarlane/Hunter grave marker, Heidi delved a little deeper into the stories of the pioneering Scots responsible for the cemetery, including why they were well-suited to Duluth in the first place:

MacFarlane and Hunter’s sense of northern romanticism made it all possible. A final quote from Heidi: “They made it what it is. They made this cemetery. The cemetery wouldn’t exist without these guys — they sort of persuaded people to come up here.”

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