Charlie Parr & Friday Night in Duluth.

Last Friday, the indomitable Charlie Parr played at the Sacred Heart Music Center. He’d been in the car driving up to Duluth (through the speakers), but hadn’t played an official show around town since I arrived, so it was my first time seeing him. The concert was spectacular, sometimes soulful, sometimes rollicking, and quality the whole way through. A good Duluth experience.

For the final song of the set, pre-encore, Charlie played an other-worldly and elegiac version of “Poor Lazarus” with Alan Sparhawk and Mimi Parker, the closing track from his recently released Keep Your Hands On The Plow. It was definitely the highlight for me, and fortunately I had my audio recorder out (posted with Charlie’s blessing):

I’m no expert, but this may be a cover/version/transmogrification of Buffy Sainte Marie’s “Lazarus,” or similar traditional song. In any case, Buffy’s is gorgeous and affecting and certainly worth checking out (and probably also recorded in a church space.):

After leaving Sacred Heart, I did a number of things many other folks in Duluth were doing, even being turned away from Tycoons at one point due to capacity. There’s not too much to report from those wanderings at the moment, but I wanted to share these pictures of Duluth being attractive at night:

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