Chicken Noodle Duluth.

Yesterday, about halfway through my time in Duluth, an experience came together I was desperately hoping for — a little family time. Lucie and Jason Amundsen invited me to their home, near Chester Park, to hang out with them and their two children, Abbey and Mylo.

I had a really nice time. We had a meandering conversation and drank tea, later checking out their backyard chicken coup and a Chester Bowl youth ski race (more on the later two very soon!). Lucky for me, they were exactly as generous as I was intrusive, which means I got to sample some home-baked beer bread and delicious bartered-for granola. Also, in a flourish of hospitality, there was a fresh pot of chicken noodle soup when I arrived!

When offered a bowl, my story-sense tingled. So, I put my elbows and microphone (and project) on the table and did a little recording. Direct from the Amundsens dining room table, here’s a short story about chicken noodle soup:

I’ve had a lot of delicious soup since arriving, particularly a few cracking bowls of wild rice, and on a cold day it certainly is visceral and slurp-worthy. If you have an opinion, let me know in the comments — what else is a good warm embrace when it’s frosty?

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2 Responses to Chicken Noodle Duluth.

  1. Here’s a recipe that will warm you up!
    Add rum for those that like it or forgo rum for those that don’t. Either way, yum!

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