Abandoned Tunnels, Sarah Kruegers, and Stressless Trespassing.

Heard about this video a few days ago, and because I’m likely to see her play tonight at Kirby Rafters, this video was part of waking up this morning:

Beautiful. When they were packing that peak-side with dynamite, maybe 150 years ago, I doubt they knew their work would be blogged about and used as a setting for a performance belonging to a wonderful video series.

*                              *                              *                              *                              *


Throughout the past few weeks, I’ve had a fair amount of internal dialogue about trespassing, both in terms of ignoring “Do Not Enter” signs and “Do Not Talk To Me” looks (‘Mind your own business, bub.’). But Duluth is teaching me — the most interesting bugs live under rocks, the best photographs are never taken from the trail, and you’ll never learning anything new without some of that pioneering spirit. Plenty to learn still.

Elevator ceiling.

Yesterday, at dusk, an impromptu tour guide took me on an impromptu tour, whisking me through a beautiful art deco lobby and up a dozen floors. We went through a door I assumed would set off an alarm, and stood on a balcony looking over I-35 and a spectacular view of the harbor. While we stood there, a cleaning lady opened the door and rather than telling us to leave, she looked at us with arched eyebrows and a somewhat quizzical look. She didn’t join us on the balcony, but with the door cracked, she chatted with us about how she’s usually too scared to come out on the balcony. Then, she looked past us for a dozen seconds or so before returning to work:

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3 Responses to Abandoned Tunnels, Sarah Kruegers, and Stressless Trespassing.

  1. stoog2454 says:

    So did you end up seeing Sarah Krueger? If so, how was it?

  2. Adam Carr says:

    i did! her voice is incredible and has a wonderfully warm stage presence. i may post a song i recorded during her show soon!

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