More Than 15 Years of Superior Commitment.

A spectacular photo of Rich jumping into Superior earlier this January by Kip Praslowicz

On one of my first nights in Duluth, I met photographer Kip Praslowicz for a drink at the Brewhouse. We talked a bit about his photographic process and implausible preference for massive, antique cameras. He showed me a few of his pictures (which you can also see here) and I was immediately taken by them.

I asked Kip what he’s working on in the near future and he mentioned a photograph he had in the works with a fella named Rich Narum, who’s been jumping into the lake once a month for over 15 years. Perfect. Shortly thereafter, I was interviewing Rich on the shore of Lake Superior:

Such a durable and respectful commitment was the exact kind of meditation on Lake Superior I was hoping to find while in Duluth. Superior is such a dominant feature of the physical and cultural landscape here, and everybody’s relationship to it seems to be somewhat different. The ‘drop of water’ explanation is ideally simple and complex.

I’ve since spoken with Rich many times, and there are layers and layers to his character, of which jumping into the lake is just one. I imagine there will be more from him in the space in the near future.

What Rich and I looked at when we spoke (much lower quality photo by me)

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5 Responses to More Than 15 Years of Superior Commitment.

  1. Paul says:

    Ahhh….. the memories. I remember watching Rich jump into the lake one extremely cold and stormy spring day. Still makes me laugh when I think about it. It was the last day of the month (I think March), high winds generating waves about 8′. He shucked his clothes and lay on the cold shore about 20′ out and a wave came and slammed him (There was a good tide like effect from the wind and waves). He came up eyes wide and the first step or two was unsure after the slamming from the water. Once he was re-orientated he briskly swam/walk to shore. The crowd in the cars, watching the lake storm, were all laughing at the “Crazy Dude” jumping in the lake.

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