An Attempt At Capturing Sarah Krueger.

On Wednesday, after the wonderful Duluth Art Institute quadruple opening, I meandered through the bitter cold and wind, up to the Kirby Rafters to see Sarah Krueger. I’d heard a thing or two about her, and her performance surpassed my high expectations.

In lieu of having a camera that can do low light well, I've decided to familiarize myself with Photoshop filters.

It’s hard to share the experience of a really good live performance. I tried a short while back with a recording of Charlie Parr, and the result was reasonable. This time, however, the recording turned out muffled and muddled, which is very unfortunate because my favorite part of Sarah’s voice is its clarity.

In any case, do your best to enjoy this shabbily recorded but beautifully performed song by Sarah Krueger — it was her set finale and a new song, whose name I unfortunately missed (a little help with the name, Sarah?):

If anything, hopefully my broad ineptitude and this compromised version of a Sarah Krueger performance will pique/peak your curiosity in seeing her perform live for yourself.

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