Nicknames. Monikers. Branding. They can tell you a lot. A city can figure those out for themselves or have them figured out by outsiders. I was curious what work had been done already, so I posted on PDD and the January in Duluth Facebook page asking for some Nom-Du-Luths.

Responses collected below.

Facebook: Zenith City; DTown; Tilt Town; Fog City; The Air Conditioned City; Paris of the North; Center of the Universe; Dull Youth; Good Old DooLoot; Zenith of the Northern Seas; DulusionPDDNorwegian Riviera; Pauper’s Paradise; San Francisco of Minnesota; The Big Unsexy; Paris of the North; A chance for the foreign sailors to kiss the ground, piss and shag; No Man’s Land; On the Edge of the Universe; Like heaven, without all that messy, being dead shit; San Fran of the Northland; Zenith City; Seattle of the Midwest; The Liberal Slant; This Christless country; The Air-Conditioned City; Greater Ashland; Outer Proctor; The Two County Metro Area; Ice Station Zebra; Nordic Hell; Land of Incompetent Pizza; Home; Riviera of the North; End of the Road; Duluuuuuuuuth; Zenith City; DaLoot; A Beautiful City on the hill with an unfortunate view of Superior; Cliff Dwellers; Jay Cooke’s Town; Philadelphia of the West; New Pittsburgh; Crescent City; Twin Ports; The Sylvania Super-Set; Tilt-TownExtra! Extra! Read all about it!

Paul Lundgren, who seems to be Duluth incarnated in flesh and blood, also shared a scanned image of a 1910 naming contest for Duluth and Superior from the Duluth News Tribune. After the jump, an early and awesome example of crowd-sourcing and an interesting look into the way folks back here thought about themselves/Duluth/Superior.

Duluth News Tribune:

Northern Cities

The Northern Lights

The Peerless Cities

The Head of the Lakes Cities

The Northern Twins

The Northwestern Twins

The Gateway of the Northwest

The Pure Water Cities

Head of the Lakes

The Merger Cities

Interstate Twins

Zenith Ports

Zenith Gates

Bay Ports

The Hall Cities

The Globe Cities

The Haven City

The Troyer Cities

The Verebest Cities

The Marine Cities

The Banner Cities

The Linker Cities

The Capital Cities

The Supreme Cities

The Loving Cities

The Wealthy Cities

The Up-to-Date Cities

Natural Harbors

Blue Water Cities

Blue Water Twins

Tribunal Cities

The Magnet Cities

Prime Cities

Tandem Cities

Twin Harbors

The Companion Cities

The Interstate Cities

The Unexcelled Cities

The Siamese Cities

The Red Dust Twins

The Dandies

The Tulips

The Superior Sisters

Star Sisters

The Double Harbor Cities

High Low Cities

Lakes to Gulf Cities

Lake Side Twins

Navigation Cities

Lake Cities

Queen Cities

Interstate Twins

Peerless Twins

Ideal Twins

The Northland Cities

Steel Plant Twins

Elevator Twins

Copper Cities

Iron Ore Cities

Gateway Cities

Head Water Twins

Commercial Giants

The Myrtle Twins

Magnetic Commercial City

Queens of Gitchee Gummee

Northwest Terminal Cities

Magnetic City

The Terminal Cities

The Cousin Cities

Harbor Twins

The Anchor Cities

The Sister Cities of the Head of the Lakes

The Range Cities

The Mineral Cities

Iron Cities

The Grafting Cities

The Zenith Cities

The Union Cities

The Bay Cities

The Two State Twins

The Frontier Twins

The Hi-Low Cities

The Iron Gate Cities

Sunbeam Cities

The Loyal Cities

The Interstate Ports


Double Entry




Proctor Knott Cities

Damon and Pythias

The Important Cities

Dominion Cities

Fairest Cities

Golden Rule Cities

National Cities

Clever Cities

Hiawatha Cities

Key of the West

The Independent Cities

The Harbor Queens

The Elks’ Pride

The Iron Portals

United Cities

The Quick and the Dead

Universal Cities

Grand Harbor Cities

Coal Grain Ore Cities

The Aerial Cities

The Neighboring Cities

Northern Lights

Black Diamond Cities

United Cities

Iron Gate Cities

Transfer Cities

The Harbors of Wealth

Lake View Twins

Lake View Cities

The Link Cities

The Du-Su Cities

Duluth and Superior

The Zenith Cities of the Unsalted Seas

The Venus of the Unsalted Seas

The Mecca of the Northwest

The Golden Gates of the Northwest

Aerial Gates of the Northwest

Majestic Gateway of the Northwest

Zenith Harbor Cities

Zeniths of Commerce

Harbors of Destiny

Nod du Lac

The Star Ports

The Sister Ports

The Rival Cities

Terminal Ports

Zenith Harbor Cities

The Grain Cities

The Iron Ore Cities

The Grain Bin Cities

The Grain Pit

The Iron and Wheat Gateway

The Iron and Wheat Twins

Zenith Steel Cities

Zenith Lake and Rail Cities

Norther Steel Cities

Zenith Industrial Cities

Lake Superior Steel Cities

The Couplet Cities

The Second Twins

The Wakening Cities

The Crescent Cities

The United Zenith Cities

Nokomis Twins

The Uncoupled Zenith Cities

The Crystal Cities

Iron Port Cities

The Mint Cities

The Future Cities

The Interlake Cities


The Gopher Cities

The Pole Star Cities

Bosom Cities


The Unique Cities

LaBelle Cities

Smart Cities

Golden Rule Cities

Tribune Cities

The Northern Commercial Cities

The Aerial Cities

The Pine and Iron Cities

The Water Babies

The Rival Cities

The Linked Cities


The Minniewis Twins

The Steel Plant City


Two Ports

Shore Cities

North Ports

The North Star Sisters

The Zenith Star Cities

The Iron Bound Gateways

The Iron Bound Queens

The Northern Lights

Alpha and Omega


Terminal Cities

Moose Midgets

Moose Twins

The Edgewater Cities

Headwater Cities

The Iron Ports

The Twilight Cities

Iron Gate Cities

Western Outlets

Ensign Saints


The Tribune Cities

The Freshwater Twins

The Northern Twins, The Inland Queens, The Sister Cities, The Pioneer

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One Response to Nom-Du-Luths.

  1. Carole Kinion Copeland says:

    Hi Adam,
    I am a new resident of Duluth. I heard your interview on the radio last night and wondered if you would like to see my art studio? I draw and paint natural science subject matter. With a background in Biology and Art my style is realistic. I also have a sense of humor which is revealed in some of my work.
    Carole Kinion Copeland, artist

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