Anna In The Alley — 2012.

Kip Praslowicz has a portrait series of individuals around Duluth named Dramatizations of Everyday Life (Kip also made the wonderful photograph of Rich Narum found on the blog a few days ago). He found his subjects through a variety of means, from friendship to referrals to strangers. Since his approach is exactly in line with his project, I’m doing a little piggybacking — I’ve been in touch with some of his participants, hoping to do an interview that somehow turns into an audio version of the portrait.

Anna In The Alley 2011 (by Kip Praslowicz)

I recently sat down with Anna for a couple hours, recording a healthy chunk of it. The following audio piece is an attempt to represent our meandering conversation about the photo above — we talked about transitions, uncertainty, and the impulse to leave Duluth, all within the setting of a garage sale and a pair of rollerskates:

With photos, I usually feel the viewer is left to fill in what’s outside the boundaries, what’s happening before and after the moment, and even some of what’s going on within the frame. On the other hand, audio pieces attempt to build a clear, fleshed out narrative. However, with this short piece, I tried to be a bit more fractured and opaque, especially in trying to represent Anna’s occasionally conflicted thought process surrounding a decision with which I imagine a lot of Duluthians/former-Duluthians are familiar.

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One Response to Anna In The Alley — 2012.

  1. This is lovely. Reminds me of the production of a Radiolab segment.
    The Kip Praslowicz image is great too!

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