Duluth Avenue, San Diego.

Did a post a short while ago on Duluth Avenue in Sioux Falls as documented by a good friend of mine. And now! For another exciting installment of everyone’s favorite Duluth-inspired-roadway-documenting-mini-project:

Essentially, I’ve tracked down Duluth roadways around the country and tasked friends and family who live near said roadways with a brief documentation project.

Today’s generous contributors are my brother Andrew and his wonderful girlfriend Jane, who are both originally Milwaukeeans but have relocated to the normally-sunny San Diego. Andrew works for a group that does solar installation and Jane is the maestro of an awesome food website named Let There Be Bite. They share a trip to their city’s single-block, speed-bumped Duluth Avenue on a drab day.

About 5 miles inland to the east of the San Diego Downtown Bay, sits the quaint one-block street Duluth Ave. Composed of 19 houses, the outward appearance from street view appears to be working class. Homes range from the well-kept and neat with nicely landscaped front yards with RVs and boats in the driveway to the more scruffy with retrofits/rehabs aching to unfold.

We stopped by at 1pm on a rather grey Saturday after a night and morning’s worth of scattered showers. Was pretty slow when we stopped by, which was emphasized by the various speed bumps up and down the Ave. Definitely a community feel in this rather subdued residential area – people coming from church on a Saturday, families milling about, a massive high school and arts center nearby.

The Spanish-language bodegas and lush hillsides nearby gave it a decidedly Mexican feel, as the border is just 14 miles from there. One-story bungalows are predominant, which are emblematic of southern California in general.

Thanks guys! See the rest of their photos after the jump.

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2 Responses to Duluth Avenue, San Diego.

  1. Jane says:

    Excellent reporting 😉 – fun way to see a part of San Diego we’d never checked out, and we tried a new lunch place nearby so it fulfilled my Let There Be Bite food requirements! (I tried to “Like” the post but WordPress wouldn’t recognize my password, wha?) Stay warm!

  2. Peter says:

    And there’s an Avenue Duluth in Montréal, Quebec, which is where Daniel Greysolon, Sieur du Luth died in the early 1700s.

    2008 07 12 - 5251 - Montréal - Avenue Duluth Est from Rue Berri

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