Loving The Duluth East Greyhounds — A How-To.

Where I’m from, we have a relatively obscure American Hockey League team, the Milwaukee Admirals. Aside from that small blip on the radar, for whatever reason, Milwaukee is a hockey-less Midwestern town, which has always been disappointing to me. I’ve loved watching the sport, but without a team to root for, there’s no skin in the game.

Hockey seems to be serious business here in Duluth (a recent firsthand experience with that). Youth hockey, the Bulldogs, and of course, high school competition. So recently, I checked out a game that I’d heard would be good — Duluth East v. Apple Valley.

My expectations were surpassed repeatedly. First, the Heritage Center, where the game was held, is a perfect place to watch a hockey game with a few hundred other people. Beautiful facility. Second, and I’m not writing this simply because I’m in Duluth, the Hounds looked really good as a team. I’m no expert, but their offense seemed incredibly fluid and unselfish. Apple Valley was probably a good team, but Duluth East controlled the game from beginning to end.

So, with a sizable group of fans and microphone at my disposal, it was the perfect time to get the lowdown on the Hounds. Fortunately, I found two hilarious hockey rascals, amongst others, to introduce me to the team:

Those guys are totally naturals — I wouldn’t be surprised to see them in the announcer’s booth someday. And also, if you’re at all thirsty for more hockey flow, check this out:

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One Response to Loving The Duluth East Greyhounds — A How-To.

  1. Great story! It sounds like something you’d hear on This American Life.

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