“I choose love because dance comes from love.”

A majority of this past month, I’ve been asking questions like “Duluth?” or “Duluth…” of myself and others. Honestly, it can get a little exhausting. So, for the last few days, I’ve been focusing on having experiences in Duluth rather than trying to experience Duluth all the time. After all, it’s probably a lot easier to get a feeling for what’s going on if I’m not waving a microphone around and snapping photos every second.

Last night, I was invited over for dinner by Hannah Grunzke, a cool lady and food blogger, amongst many other things. In part, I was there to hold a microphone and camera (more on that part of things soon), but I was also just interested in what would come of the evening. As things go, she has two wonderful and sincerely zany daughters — Penelope and Sophie — who shared a few important and unexpected things I’d like to re-share (kinda ironic, I know):

(1) I am not here. This isn’t happening? They did an Abbott and Costello routine that blew my simple mind, proving to me that I’m “not here” because I must be “someplace else.” Quite a trip. (More below.)

(2) A friend in Milwaukee asked “I’m curious what sort of dancing is to be done in Duluth…” I’ve heard about an eclectic ballroom dance class in town and recently poked my head in Redstar, but those didn’t quite put the question to bed. That’s where Hannah’s girls came in — with the help of a CD designed to pump up kick ball teams via early-90s dance jams, Hannah’s girls gave an impromptu and thoroughly satisfactory answer. (More below.)

(3) During dinner, we played a rollicking game of Waffles or Pancakes, an Apples To Apples type game where a group chooses between two things in hypothetical either/or questions. (Waffles or pancakes? Snowflakes or salt?) At one point, the table was deciding between ‘love’ and ‘dancing.’ Heavy stuff. While deliberating, Sophie thought out loud, “I choose love because dance comes from love.” Heavier stuff. (More below.)

The following video is an exploration of the lessons learned in (1), (2), & (3), expressed to House of Pain’s “Jump Around.” (Also, this may be closer to what goes on in a typical Duluth living room, as opposed to conversations about communal identity.) It was made while we waited for out-of-this-world kale chips to come out of the oven:

‘I choose love because dance comes from love.’ from Adam Carr on Vimeo.

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2 Responses to “I choose love because dance comes from love.”

  1. Maureen says:

    This is my favorite post yet!

  2. Kate says:

    So young, so sage.

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