Duluth In 31 Days Or Less Or Your Pizza’s Free.

Ever spent 31 days trying to articulate something just so and then you hear what you’ve been toiling after, nearly exactly, in just under 31 seconds?

I spent the morning with So You Think Duluth Is Pretty Special, a course taught by Jerry Kimbal as part of UMD’s University for Seniors. Not only is Jerry endlessly knowledgeable himself, his students are a wellspring of interesting/interested folks who constantly cogitate on Duluth — it was a perfect place to look for some last second acuity and tie together some loose ends.

A few of these Duluth-students spent a couple dozen minutes sharing wisdom with me, and then this happened — Gary Gordon’s response to “What makes Duluth special?”:

Curious (and curious). Self-reliant. Thoughtful. Non-pretentious. Park within a city. Straight, no chaser. If I’d heard that short statement on my first day, I would have thought it was interesting but wouldn’t have understood just how spot on those ideas are. I’m sure it was by accident, but his statement took exactly 30 seconds to articulate.

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