In Duluth/Love.

Yesterday, I asked the Perfect Duluth Day community what they’d do with a final day on earth, spent entirely in Duluth — appropriate question leading into the month’s final day.

The responses that struck me, for whatever reason, were built around love. The place I’ve lived that’d make falling in love easiest is Budapest, which I think says a fair amount about the city. Since romantic love’s only been a peripheral character in this project thus far, why not jump in on the last day? Fortunately, I had a phenomenal Duluth-devotee to help me think about the idea.

On this final day of January in Duluth, I sat down with Duluth poet-extraordinaire and insight-proliferator Barton Sutter (more on that soon). Since the absurdly huge topic of being in love and Duluth hasn’t snuck into the project yet, I figured Barton might be a perfect answerer — I asked him about “being in love” and “Duluth”:

(I know he’s had practice, but Barton really does have a great radio voice.)

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One Response to In Duluth/Love.

  1. Ed says:

    Wonderful! I was hoping you would finally cross paths with this great man. If there was anyone up there in my old hometown I was crossing my fingers you meet up it is was him. Can’t wait to hear your interview. Fumbling about now looking for my earbuds.

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