Late January 31st, In The Duluth Amphitheater.

This project started just 31 short days ago. Arriving, driving towards Duluth from Wisconsin, the first sign of the city were those dilute, distant lights, high in the sky. However, as we got closer, the radio towers peaked out over the trees — I didn’t know too much about the Towers, aside from their hugeness and my smallness. These towers served as my unofficial welcoming committee, the city’s old broadcasters, flashing red over the city.

For the last official day of the project, as a very last activity of the month, I made a trip into the hills, near Enger Tower, to check out a radio tower up close, looking back on the city they announce.

More stories/posts are coming very soon, but for now, a good night. Also, this Dove Chocolate wrapper, whose contents I just ate, knows exactly what’s up:

Thanks Duluth.

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5 Responses to Late January 31st, In The Duluth Amphitheater.

  1. apc says:

    You survived Duluth! : )

  2. Maureen says:

    Bravo Adam Carr, it’s been an interesting ride —

  3. Miranda says:

    I’m not sure you understand.

    Duluth fucking sucks. It’s not worth investigating. There is no flavor… if there is, it’s like a TV dinner that’s still frozen, with stupidity sauce.

    Even if Duluth was interesting, this project had no chance, ever, of achieving the stated goal. You can’t come and spend one month in a town, basically as a visitor, and come to understand the flavor of the area. A year might be more realistic.

    • Adam Carr says:

      i definitely knew the opinion you hold exists before your comment and you are completely warranted to have it. that being said, personally, i think you’re wrong. being cynical and finding distaste in things is easy, but i chose to reject that approach wholesale.

      my stated goal was to be open to learning and the potential of being surprised. my understanding of duluth is definitely incomplete, but while here, i had many experiences that were meaningful to me because i was open to them.

  4. nicolai says:

    Holy cow Miranda. Fucking grow up. You sound like me when I was trapped in small town Wisconsin when I was 16. Move to the Twin Cities and experience “life”.

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