About The Author

Adam Carr is a storyteller and radio producer usually based in Milwaukee, WI. He graduated from Carleton College in 2007 with a degree in Mathematics and Philosophy, as well as spending a large amount of time in a basement doing college radio (at KRLX). Between 2008 and 2011, he spent two and a half short but productive years at community-based public radio station 88Nine RadioMilwaukee (WYMS), producing nearly 1000 short form audio pieces on wide range of topics, from arts and culture to at-risk youth, from Milwaukee neighborhoods to basic and human needs. Currently, he is working as a freelancer on projects ranging from media to public art to non-profit capacity building, finding new directions to explore the rigor and creativity of narrative as well as passion for community.


7 Responses to About The Author

  1. Kara says:

    Welcome to Duluth!
    I’m interested to read all the things you come across on your stay here. So far, very interesting. Good luck!

  2. Cool blog, Adam–

    I grew up with Jamie playing soccer and tennis around Duluth. You haven’t lived until you grab a cheap plastic sled or saucer, haul it up the hill next to the Holy Rosary Church playground next to the 4th street parking lot, sit down, and let fly.

  3. Catherine S says:

    Hey Adam!
    Saw your post on the AIR list. Go to Amazing Grace Bakery in Canal Park and tell Marcie (the owner) that I’ll spot you for a free coffee. She’s got some amazing stories for you.
    Catherine Stifter (AIR member)

  4. sara mars curwin says:

    Adam, I read your well written piece @ the Don. Kudos to you. I am a self employed native duluthian who has sice returned (hubby nabbed a job at Enbridge Energy-old Lakehead Pipeline) -in a nut shell raised 4 childten- one of whom is a National level speed skater (competes @ Petit in Mil Feb 3-5 @ Jr Nationals) thinking you may be interested in a bit piece.. We have, here in Duluth, a national level speedskatig coach- Andrey Zhuilov- a now US citizen, who hales from Russa originally. Contact me if interested. He has quietly produced 3 world level speedskaters.

  5. peggysue1 says:

    You should do A Month in Superior, Wisconsin. Actually, Jack’s Place had a fun event, a fundraiser for Circle of Hope. Ice Golfing, 9 holes was something I never experienced. Next year it will even have more added to it. I am unsure if it will be in January or February. If you talk to Karen at this place she has lots of fun activities for her patrons. Some that will send you laughing. I live in Duluth. Thanks for sharing your blog with us. It was interesting. I think ice fishing, ice golfing, spam contests in Superior would add a new twist next year. There is so much more that happens in Superior. They tend to be real creative.

  6. peggysue1 says:

    Oh, if you do Duluth again, you need to take a picture or have a drink at the Ice Bar in Canal Park, listen to the Road Kill Boys the last Tuesday of the month. They are very Bluegrass and always have a packed house at Amazing Grace.

    I am unsure what month the UMD students sleep in boxes to experience homelessness. I am unsure if at Chum’s drop in center, the guys/men still sleep on mattress on the floor. That word needs to get out, if it hasn’t changed.

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