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January In Duluth, Sneaking Into February.

I’ll be re-commencing posting fresh content this weekend or early next week, after I have a chance to regroup a little — as I’ve said before, some of my favorite conversations/pieces are still to come. In the meantime, if you … Continue reading

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Late January 31st, In The Duluth Amphitheater.

This project started just 31 short days ago. Arriving, driving towards Duluth from Wisconsin, the first sign of the city were those dilute, distant lights, high in the sky. However, as we got closer, the radio towers peaked out over … Continue reading

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In Duluth/Love.

Yesterday, I asked the Perfect Duluth Day community what they’d do with a final day on earth, spent entirely in Duluth — appropriate question leading into the month’s final day. The responses that struck me, for whatever reason, were built … Continue reading

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Duluth In 31 Days Or Less Or Your Pizza’s Free.

Ever spent 31 days trying to articulate something just so and then you hear what you’ve been toiling after, nearly exactly, in just under 31 seconds? I spent the morning with So You Think Duluth Is Pretty Special, a course taught by Jerry Kimbal … Continue reading

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About As Close To Birthing As I’ll Get.

A thought on birthing and storytelling with their relationship to oxytocin implied. Jana Studelska is a midwife in Duluth and weekend we had a long, layered conversation about what that means. An audio piece and portrait from Kip Praslowicz will come … Continue reading

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Just For Now.

I have around a dozen stories to left produce and about two hours of writing time planned for the day. Yike. That being said, after the end of the month, the project will continue for a few weeks as I … Continue reading

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Duluth’s Very Best Nest.

‘Know that place? Yeah, that one. What’s their deal anyways? And how would we even get in?? Hooooooo knows? Hooooooo?’ A public Facebook question on January in Duluth, 1/15: “what’s something, anything, anyone, that i should check out before i … Continue reading

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