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I wish the entire city of Duluth could be my editorial board and I could get anybody to sit down for an interview simply by owning a microphone. Since that’s unlikely to happen, here’s what a simplified version of that model approach might look like:

I’d always rather be the tour guide for the wilderness of another person’s narrative than my own. Just the props on stage or lighting in a movie. That’s where you can come in!

If you’ve ever aspired to doing a project on Duluth and didn’t have the time, energy, resources, know-how, or anything else, I’ll be your producer and we can figure out everything together. Anything between [99% You | 1% Me] to [1% You | 99% Me] is perfect. Contact me at <> if you’re interested! I’m not in town that long and the sooner we start the better.


6 Responses to Participate and/or Share!

  1. Love your blog! Is this the place to pipe in on my feelings about Duluth? I love Duluth!!! I always knew I’d live here when I “grew up” and UMD is the only college I applied to. My partner Steve and I (both around 30, moved here fresh out of high school from elsewhere in MN) are absolutely in love with the city and the area. Here’s what we do in January: We play outside, mostly walking around in the woods, and we do artsy projects inside a lot, too. I have a food blog and participate in a monthly baking challenge under the name “daring baker duluth” and Steve has a Duluth-y photo blog under the name “happy crow”. We are trying to start up a monthly online art club through happy crow (with limited success-it’s just the two of us, but we have fun). For my day job, I run a skill building center for adults with brain injuries. Have you discovered how many human service and residential group home companies we have in Duluth compared to the average? I would guess a remarkably higher number here especially in the brain injury field. It takes a special degree of patience and a creative spirit to love this line of work and I believe this attributes in part to Duluth’s higher than average number of awesome inhabitants. Thanks for featuring this city, sincerely, from a Duluth super fan.

  2. Beth George says:

    Please go visit the ladies at Italian Village off the Central Ave entrance. The shop is wonderful, the food great and if you go on a Saturday, there are free samples. These ladies embrace the heritage of the Italian immigrant in Duluth. They are fun, delightful and full of energy. It is NOT a tourist joint. More importantly, they have kept me in good supply of sausage even after having moved away from Duluth/Superior seven years ago. I stock up on their goodies for my freezer on on each trip west.

  3. Peter says:


    Seeing as it’s the 100th anniversary of the disaster, you could explore Duluth’s side of the Titanic story.

    Mr. and Mrs. William Baird Silvey of Duluth were first-class passengers on that ill-fated trip. They boarded the ship at Cherbourg, France, on Wednesday 10th April 1912, and checked into Cabin E44.

    Mr. Silvey died in the sinking. His body was never recovered.

    Alice Silvey (née Munger) got off the Titanic in lifeboat 11 and was picked up by the Carpathia the next morning. Born on October 19, 1872, she died on May 2, 1958, and was buried in Forest Hill Cemetery where you were.

  4. Randy says:

    Ever been to an Auction House? Duluth has a great one. It’s “Sellers”. They have a web site at “”. They get some of the greatest stuff that people consign to sell to the highest bidder. You never know just what they will have. Hope you have time to check it out.

  5. Ann Klefstad says:

    Ah, too late! But if you need to fill in any backstory on arts in Duluth, I may be able to help after the fact. Ann Klefstad, 218-393-9149.

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